Carré Union boasts a most unique photography studio

Meet Pazit Perez, whose unique photography studio is located at Carré Union on Decarie and Royalmount in Montreal.

Pazit specializes in vision portrait sessions,  a groundbreaking approach to photography. This is  based on the Law of Attraction and Self Love principles. She captures you for who you want to BECOME.  These tangible portraits represent a higher level of something the subject envisions themselves to be, accelerate their progress by acting as a powerful point of FOCUS and support for this individual along their journey into successfully achieving and BEcoming who they were created to BE.

Pazit offers the following observations:

– The PRIMARY cause why you’re failing to achieve your goals is because you are holding a “poor” SELF-IMAGE of yourself in your mind by which you are emotionally involved with and are UNAWARE of.

-Science and psychology support that SELF-IMAGE is the PRIMARY driver for achieving the outcomes you want to see in your life.

-If you don’t like your results, you can change your IMAGE to change your world.

-The key is to FIRST replace your “old” SELF-IMAGE with a healthy NEW ONE to create LASTING RESULTS.

“I’ll capture you as the person you aspire to become so that you can begin to emotionally connect with your hidden potential, believe in who you’re becoming, and make that journey from the reality of where you are today towards who you envision yourself to be,” says Pazit. “As an artist, I have developed my own signature style photographs, which are each made with love. My diverse clientele includes professionals, musicians, athletes, models, actors, individuals, and families seeking out a specific edgy photographic look.”

Pazit’s love affair with print and photography started way back in her elementary school days. Whenever she had a day off from school, she joined her father at work. He was a printer, so she was exposed to magazines, photos, and graphics at an early age. “Fast forward 20 years later, and I was delving in my passions for creative arts, photography, and film while studying at Dawson College, followed by Concordia University in Montreal,” she says. “I  decided to focus on photography and started working at an advertising agency, as a photographer. This is where I sharpened my graphic skills and eventually became a partner, which introduced me to the world of business. As they say, the rest is history! As an artist, I have developed my own signature style photographs, which are each made with love.”

Pazit Perez Photographs is located at 8134 Décarie, studio 130. You can call 514.340.0400, email or log on to