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Summum Granit

8134, Decarie Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec  H4P 1G9
514 344-4531 

About Us…

Summum Granit’s reputation was built project by project, by firmly honoring our committments to our customers. It is for these reasons that we now find countertops, furniture, fireplace and tub contours, staires and other decorative pieces in many stores and residences in Canada and the United States!’

With over 25 years of experience, the Summum Granit team has mastered the art of transforming rock into products for interior decoration. Their dedication and know-how has greatly contributed to the company’s success.It is the pride of the founding managers, with the help of their team of 150 people, they ensure a constant growth while respecting the company’s standards and philosophy.This constant growth has increased the demands of the factories and offices of Summum Granit Inc., moving from 4,0002 ft. at its founding (1988) to 75,0002 ft. today. (2015)

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Carre Union Home Design Center Montreal Summum Granit
Carre Union Home Design Center Montreal Summum Granit