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Signature Bachand

8140, Decarie Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec  H4P 1G9
514 344-2425 

About Us…

Founded in 1994, Bachand Signature offers to individuals and design professionals, kitchen designers and stylists, the largest selection of high-end appliances in Quebec with over 80 brands and thousands of devices.

It is not surprising that our name circulating among the biggest designers and kitchen designers of Montreal is heard across the province (and even beyond its borders!).


Our current customers already know what high quality they can expect from our appliances. As well as the judicious hands-on expertise and taste of our expert team.

Our kitchen consultants will closely listen to your needs and ideas. They will be able to provide you with the best advice to help make your dream a reality.

With the help of our team your new kitchen will give you the taste to cook even more delicious dishes and to share simple – but fulfilling – pleasures with friends and family. And will certainly turn heads!


In addition to its wide selection, Bachand Signature offers professionals a unique workspace, tools and advice with the Electrolux Design Centre.

This exclusive workspace, adjoining our show room and store, is available for free to help you create exceptional and functional kitchens with the support of our expert advice and several tools such as estimating software, design, choice of styles and colors, etc.

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Carre Union Home Design Center Montreal Signature Bachand
Carre Union Home Design Center Montreal Signature Bachand