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About Us…


SÉSAME can create doors that don’t yet exist! SÉSAME doors offer a unique new creative platform: an extruded aluminum frame into which panels of various types are inserted. This yields design solutions that are both esthetic and functional, varying according to the designer’s inspiration for a classic or bold look.

Environmentally friendly

In addition to aluminum, a 100% recyclable material, the use of materials such as reconstituted wood veneer, low-VOC-emission materials and non-toxic finishes add to the product’s “green” aspect. Also, panels can be changed later to rejuvenate a door’s appearance and to extend its useful lifespan. This is a major asset from an environmental standpoint.

Ability to evolve

SÉSAME doors can evolve over time. A simple panel replacement will update them. Interior decoration styles can thus be reinvented to keep up with new trends or a change in a room’s function.


Doors are a key element of the home but have been viewed primarily for their utilitarian function. SÉSAME doors serve not just to open and close off rooms but also to play an active role in personalizing spaces. SÉSAME is a new tool for designing contemporary interiors, with doors playing a major role in the arrangement of the elements that make up the environment.

Made to measure

Designing a unique door is made possible by the use of a wide choice of materials, finishes and colours (more than 2,000 hues). Also, the possibility of combining different panels on either side of the same door adds to the potential for creativity. Made to measure, SÉSAME doors are available in various functions: sliding, pocket, swinging, pivoting or folding.  In addition, fixed panels can be combined with our doors becoming a partition system, simple and versatile.

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Carre Union Home Design Center Montreal Sesame
Carre Union Home Design Center Montreal Sesame