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Oberfeld Dimitrov Architecture Design

8134, Decarie Boul. #130
Montreal, Quebec  H4P 2S8
514 315-6751

About Us…


Oberfeld Dimitrov Architecture + Design is a creativity-focused studio where innovative ideas and original solutions are founded in sound strategic thinking for the result-driven client. Previously known as Oberfeld Design and Dimitrov Architecture, the two companies officially joined forces in 2018 after years of countless collaborations. Specializing in various aspects of commercial, retail and high-end residential projects, they combine functionality and aesthetics to create dynamic and bold environments.

Employing a comprehensive and visionary approach, Oberfeld Dimitrov emphasize on custom-tailored designs coupled with careful attention to detail. Together they apply a thorough formula to the entirety of every job they take on, offering services that explore a variety of creative solutions. Their proposals stretch beyond what is seemingly imaginable making each project unique.

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