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Bos Rétro Carré Union

5320 B, av. Royalmount
Montréal, Québec, H4P 2S8
514 731-6262

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You want your wood to have a timeless look. Let us at Union Square Vintage Wood Company provide it for you.

We use reclaimed wood to bring your custom projects to life with rustic textures, dealing with a variety of areas such as flooring, kitchens, wall coverings, beams, and furniture. With recycled wood gathered from barns and abandoned mills, your vision gains a uniqueness not otherwise attained with other woods.

Union Square Vintage Wood Company brings with it years of expertise in the field of reclaimed and recycled woods in order to best serve your custom designs. Allow us the pleasure of helping you to discover the beauty and high quality of reclaimed wood.

Why Buy Reclaimed Wood from Union Square Vintage Wood Company?

There are many reasons why reclaimed wood is gaining popularity. Union Square Vintage Wood Company is committed to the environment, and using recycled wood for your furniture and flooring designs is the environmentally responsible choice for your future.

In preserving the rich tradition of using reclaimed wood, your designs and creations gain the character of antique furniture, while sustaining the depleting forest industry.

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